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The Creative Essentials of Suzanne Michaels

Get to know our new EVP, creative innovation with a look at a few of her favorite things.

In February, Michaels joined Leo Burnett as EVP, creative innovation. Coming to the agency from The Abundancy, she works alongside Chief Creative officer Britt Nolan to help develop department-wide expertise in data-driven creativity and experience across the Leo Burnett and Arc brand portfolios.

Now, it’s time to get to know her better. Michaels has shared what she has deemed her “creative essentials”: vital items that her creative mind couldn’t imagine living without. Check out what her essentials are and what she has to say about them below.

Sneakers and Headphones
“For long, meandering walks. I listen to music and let my brain drift, taking in people, patterns and moments that make me smile.”

A Leica Camera
“To visually catalog interesting things: colors, patterns, curiosities.”

“My life is strung together across a series of Post-It notes. Inklings, ideas, lists—lots of lists. Fair warning: I’ll probably steal yours off your desk.”

Lots of Googly Eyes
“Right now I have this incredible urge to encrust something in googly eyes, something massive. I have thousands more at home.”

A Pop-up Book
“I collect pop-up books. This one is particularly well engineered. It’s so simple and inventive.”

Lewis Carrol’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: With Artwork by Yayoi Kusama, Bridget Riley Complete Prints and Selected Poems By E. E. Cummings “All of these can be found on my nightstand. There’s a certain tension of chaos and math in them that I always find interesting to explore.”

Want to know more about Suzanne? Check out her interview with Little Black Book on her new role as a “benevolent provocateur.”

March 17, 2017