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The Creative Essentials of Senior Motion Developer Tyler Tessmann

From the old (antique time piece) to the new (Apple AirPods), Senior Motion Developer Tyler Tessmann shares the items that keep him inspired at work.

Tyler has been a part of Leo Burnett for nearly four years. Leo Burnett Interactive, the full service digital department within the agency, consists of specialists, including Tyler, whose expertise spans a range of of disciplines—including social, motion graphics, software engineering, web development and everything else in between.

Let’s learn a little more about what keeps Tyler’s creativity moving inside and outside the walls of 35 West Wacker.

Marble Tile & Keys
Nice things take time but two years is a long labor of love for remodeling a house. I don’t know what I was thinking when my partner and I began to gut our 1890s greystone condo in Lakeview. Many nights without a kitchen, two “House Hunters” episodes, and a parade of subcontractors later my house was complete. It’s my inspiration and recharge zone. The tile pictures here is from my bathroom.

Metal Clock With Hour Glass
This symbolizes the time it took during construction and reminds me that patience is key.

I lost my mind during construction. Jokes aside, these are from my partner’s childhood. Over three generations have passed these on.

Speaking of my partner, this ring symbolizes the love of my life for 11-plus years, Nicholas, and our ambition and success. We moved to Chicago 11 years ago with different goals and made them work for each other. Mostly a reminder that success looks different for everyone.

For being a resident homebody, I really like to travel. Nothing is better than a great first-hand story to tell. Paris feels like my second home and I’ll always remember going broke in Monte Carlo, not from the casino, but for buying a cheese burger for 75 euros and a can of cola for 25 euros. Happy times.

Gold Silverware
Food, I love it and don’t think I’m truly happy unless I’m out with friends trying a new restaurant. We have a rotating group of friends that regularly go out to hotspots. Plus, we have an infatuation with gold.

“The Devil in the White City”
I’ve read this book too many times at the pool to remember but I love Chicago and Burnham’s role in the Exposition. A good murder story helps, too.

“Bill Clinton—Back to Work”
I like to follow politics. My first job out of college was as an Intern for a state senator.

I’m listening to MNEK right now.

Gym Shoes
Two years ago, I was reminded while antiques shopping in Andersonville that I’m not athletic. I thought the old scale was broken but alas no. Now after 50 pounds lost, I’m still not athletic but have learned that miserable failures sometimes lead to good things.

Two Marbles Egg
Two (non-marble) over-easy eggs for breakfast every morning — and GO!

Life can be hard, but Italian leather is oh so soft.

September 28, 2017