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The Creative Essentials of Our Department of Design

From doodles and calculators to stickers and sparkling water, find out what keeps this team inspired at work.

Leo Burnett Chicago’s most artistic team, the Department of Design (most commonly known as DOD), aims to serve brands’ objectives in compelling, intuitive and contextual ways.

The 16-person department, led by Alisa Wolfson, EVP, Head of Design, likes to be thought of as a small design studio inside a big advertising agency. The team focuses on supporting brand growth and solving business problems by designing content that is intentional, strategic – and always easy on the eyes.

Below, they share the essential items that fuel their creativity and help them convert possibilities into realities.

When Spotify no longer cuts it and you can't listen to one more Mac Demarco song, we pick up our instruments and play.

P.S.: Unknown fact, there is a DOD band.

Smoking Pipe
It's the original fidget spinner.

Calculator and Rulers
We actually have to do math sometimes. Math is cool, kids!

Paint Brushes
Get off your computer. You'll be surprised what you can create when you try something new.

MCA Tickets
DOD approved. We like the grid, typography and the color yellow.

Books and Prints
We love print! The smell, the feel. It's like our thing and it will never, ever die.

Doodles and Stickers
Most everyone in the DOD doodles. It helps us concentrate, releases stress and keeps us creative.

Black and White Soap
When things get heavy and work gets overwhelming we stop and exercise. 10 pushups, planks, or a two-minute dance party. Plus, this soap is really pretty.

La Croix
What more needs to be said?

September 6, 2017