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The Creative Essentials of Luciana Cani, SVP, Executive Creative Director

Take a peek at the items that have been vital to her creativity since she first started working in advertising

Luciana Cani, who oversees LAPIZ’s award-winning creative team and was recently named one of Adweek’s Creative 100, has nearly 20 years of advertising experience, including nine years spent as a key leader of Leo Burnett Lisbon.

Hailing from Saõ Paulo, Brazil, Luciana’s inspiration casts a wide net. From children’s books and biographies to podcasts and photography, stories have always been vital to her creativity.

Learn more about the creative essentials that fuel her inspiration and what she has to say about them below.

Children’s Books
Sometimes you need to change your focus in order to be more creative. I was going through tough times with my professional choice and I decided to study something not related to advertising. I learned about a postgraduate course on children’s books. Over the course of one year, I spent my days working in advertising and the nights learning about children’s book. I wrote, illustrated and published a children’s book. It opened my mind to different ways of illustrating and new techniques. After the course, I started collecting children’s book from all around the world and I was in love with advertising again.

I love real stories. I am completely addicted to biographies, books of letters and diaries; anything that portrays a real life. Reading these stories, helps me better understand people and behavior.

Because I love real stories, it’s no surprise I listen to many podcasts during my commute to work every day.

Personal projects help me be creative; they are a way to challenge myself without constraints or short deadlines. I love photography and some of my favorite personal projects started with a camera.

My family and I have started collecting objects that represent each member of the family and photographing them. It can be a very emotional project since we also do this for family members who have passed away. Choosing the objects together is meaningful because it allows us to revisit our favorite memories and moments with each family member. You take a look at some of the collages here.

Objects From Around the World
It’s cliché, but travelling is my biggest pleasure. You can learn, be inspired and connect with a different culture. I’m lucky enough to travel due to my job. Some years ago, I went to Ukraine to judge a local advertising festival. The manager of the festival had a collection of original soviet posters. I was so crazy about the collection that he allowed me to pick three posters. I have them framed in my living room.

When I was working in Leo Burnett Lisbon, one of my biggest clients was an African bank. I used to travel to Angola very often. The country is so colorful and I fell in love with the African fabric that every woman there wears. Every time I went, I managed to bring back several patterns of fabric and I created many clothes for myself using the beautiful material.

I need to be happy and work in a good environment to be creative. When I got here at LAPIZ I didn’t know anyone. One Monday I was coming to work and I decided to buy flowers for my desk, but I bought two bouquets. I offered the other bouquet to the first person I saw at the office that morning. Since then, every Monday morning I bring flowers to the office.

July 14, 2017