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This Delta Faucet Technology Shields You From Splashes

New Leo Burnett spot ‘Shield Yourself’ shows off brand’s latest technology

People hate getting splashed, but what if your faucet could help you shield yourself from the spray?

That’s the concept behind Delta’s new campaign “Shield Yourself” for its ShieldSpray technology. The latest spot by Leo Burnett uses creative storytelling to solve a human problem—getting splashed by water—against a powerful product demonstration.

The spot opens with a bike rider getting splashed by a passing car, a wet dog shaking off on its owner and a kid swatting away at a water balloon aimed right at his head.

A voiceover claims that very cringe-of-the-splash is what inspired the innovative design of Delta’s ShieldSpray. The technology creates a powerful spray for cleaning and a powerful shield to keep from splashing.

“Shield Yourself” continues the brand’s long-running campaign “See What Delta Can Do,” a multi-year effort created in partnership with Leo Burnett.

January 4, 2018