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The Creative Essentials of Associate Creative Directors Ryan Falch and Fernando Palandi

Read on to see what keeps this team of associate creative directors feeling inspired.

Ryan Falch and Fernando Palandi are a packaged deal at Leo Burentt. The two work together to serve the Kellogg’s account, with Ryan running lead on copy and Fernando specializing in art.

As with any duo, Ryan and Fernando share similarities, but also differ in distinct ways.

Both find inspiration in humor, but channel different types. Ryan and Fernando also both draw upon their their cultural experiences, but taken from different sides of the globe—Fernando is fueled by his São Paolo roots, while Ryan reflects on his five years living and working in China.

Read on to see how Ryan and Fernando’s Creative Essentials compare and contrast.



São Paulo Jersey
I’m from São Paulo, and no matter where I am I’ll always support my team.

Peter and Stewie
You can learn a lot from Peter and Stewie – they have some good insights. These characters inspire me to create funnier, more creative work.

Running shoes
Running helps me clear my head and come up with new ideas. Plus, it helps get rid of any lingering frustrations.


The Far Side
When I was younger, I loved “The Far Side” by Gary Larson. It’s so simple and funny – just one image and a twisted joke. My mother and I would cover up the text and write our own jokes. Then I became a copywriter.

Chinese Calendar
I took a job in China for six months and ended up staying for five years. I didn’t speak Mandarin when I arrived, but I had a tutor for five years and ended up speaking the language pretty well. My first attempt at speaking outside of my class was asking for one of these traditional calendars on the street. I still buy one every year to remind myself that sometimes embarrassing yourself works out in the end.

I’ve been playing music since I was 12 years old, and I am always looking for new albums or fiddling around on a guitar. It’s a necessity.

I’m on a mission to make it to all of our national parks. This headlamp has saved me many times. This past year, I took a trip to Big Bend National Park in very remote west Texas. We camped near some ancient human civilizations, saw dinosaur fossils, and a living mountain lion. Spoiler: I didn't get mauled by the mountain lion.

August 22, 2018