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Special K’s New ‘Own It’ Campaign Celebrates Real Women Eating Real Food

Leo Burnett Chicago’s campaign wants women to be confident in the food they eat

Special K knows that today’s women are doing amazing things. They are breaking barriers, accomplishing milestones and have more confidence than ever, but there is one area of doubt that remains—food doubt. Special K aims to tackle this issue by providing real, wholesome ingredients that leave no room for doubt.

Nowadays, women are constantly bombarded with conflicting “advice” on what to eat and what not to eat. Every day there is a different food fad that claims to be the key to lifelong health and wellbeing. This has created a growing feeling of food doubt and frustration from women trying to understand what is actually good for them.

Food doubt among women is also often a result of what they see in entertainment. When watching TV, they rarely see women actually eating – even when the scene is set in a restaurant. While the man is seen picking up a fork, the women’s plate remains untouched. And when you search online for images of women eating, your results will either be overly prim and proper or over-sexualized.

As mentioned in Ad Age, Leo Burnett Chicago’s new “Own It” campaign for Special K shows real women eating real food the way they really eat it, from finishing a bowl of cereal over the sink in a hurry to get out the door to snacking in her sweatpants sans bra on the couch. Special K wants women to be confident and proud about the food they eat because it nourishes and fuels them to accomplish amazing things.

May 30, 2017