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Samsung ‘Voices of Life’ Brings Power of Sound to Help Premature Babies

Leo Burnett Chicago’s latest innovation for Samsung connects mother and baby through sound, helping preemies’ brain development during this critical stage.

Every year, an estimated 15 million babies are born prematurely. These preemies are usually confined in intensive care units, separated from their mother. That’s why Samsung developed “Voices of Life,” a breakthrough idea and technology to connect mother and baby, and help preemies develop.

Samsung - Voices of Life - 1

Despite the newest technology in today’s neonatal intensive care units, preemies lose the natural, nurturing sounds of their mothers. Those sounds are instead replaced by the beeping of the life-sustaining machinery found in a NICU. Unfortunately, without minimal access to language and maternal sounds, the infant could be at higher risk later in life of developing hearing and language deficiencies, ADHD and learning disabilities.

Based on trials conducted by Dr. Amir Lahav, the team’s medical consultant at Harvard Medical School, Samsung is bringing a high-tech approach to help the growth of premature babies through the power of sound.

Samsung - Voices of Life - 2

Technology featured in “Voices of Life” records the mother’s voice and heartbeat on a mobile app, “wombifying” the sounds and playing them to the baby through a speaker inside the incubator. The soothing sounds from the mother increase the babies’ early sensory experience and, ultimately, improve their brain development. It also helps the mother “be there” virtually even though she is physically away from her child.

This project is part of Samsung’s global “Launching People” program to help further Samsung’s brand ideal of accelerating discoveries and possibilities.

May 2nd 2016