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McDonald’s Oscars Acceptance Speech Spot Features ‘All Day Breakfast’ Cast

Morning’s lead actors help give thanks in Academy Award-themed spot

McDonald’s will use its 30-second “All Day Breakfast” advertising during the Academy Awards this Sunday night to deliver its own acceptance speech to its customers, celebrating "All Day Breakfast" with them.

The brand thanks its crew that cracks the eggs for the McMuffin, as well as the restaurant operators and truck drivers. But in true acceptance speech fashion, McDonald’s doesn’t forget Mom, Dad, Frank and its syrup wrangler, Sarah. Even Canada gets a shout out for having its own kind of bacon, “which you probably thought was just ham.”

The spot, created by Leo Burnett Chicago, points out that the officially allotted time for an Oscars acceptance speech is 45 seconds. The voiceover asks, “Wouldn’t that be a lot more bearable if that was paired with a montage of delicious breakfast food?”

McDonald’s puts its food where its mouth is by giving its acceptance speech over that very montage of the starring actors of breakfast—the Egg McMuffin, Hotcakes, oatmeal, yogurt parfait and crispy, golden hash browns.

Speaking of acceptance speeches, McDonald’s team Creative Director Frank Oles, offers 10 tips to Oscar-winning celebrities for making the most of those 45 seconds. Read his advice here.

Last year, McDonald’s aired “Ingredients” during the Academy Awards. It’s a movie-inspired spot, also created by Leo Burnett Chicago, that paid homage to the famous films that helped define cinema as we know it today.

February 28th 2016