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Leo Burnett & YouTube: A Perfect Marriage of Creativity and Data

After winning the top spot on 2017’s YouTube Ads Leaderboard, creative chief Britt Nolan says the video site’s huge audience is the real test of content worth watching.

YouTube – you know it as the home of your favorite vloggers, music videos, sporting replays, cat videos and more.

But at Leo Burnett, we look at the platform a bit differently. YouTube itself, in all its comment-driven glory, is in part to thank for our taking the top spot on its 2017 Ads Leaderboard. Why, you ask? Because we consider YouTube the world’s biggest, most honest focus group.

Chief Creative Officer Britt Nolan put it best in his POV on Adweek: “On YouTube, audience feedback comes in immediately, so we can optimize on the fly, making creative changes and responding to audience signals in real time, in the real market. That leads to a much more effective experience for both the consumer and the brand.”

That’s right – we look to YouTube to get feedback from real people on still-in-progress creative. By adjusting our creative according to incoming data in real time, we are able to deliver the most effective work that the people – and our clients – want.

Nolan shares more about how Leo Burnett uses YouTube as an audience-testing platform for the benefit of our clients here on Adweek.

January 11, 2018