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Leo Burnett Creates and Relaunches Field Museum Brand Identity

The new branding positions the Field Museum as a scientific leader of the future

At a time of widespread cultural assault on science and fact, Leo Burnett and its Department of Design set out to reaffirm the Field Museum’s role as a forward-thinking scientific leader. Tasked with redesigning the museum’s visual identity, Leo Burnett developed the “Earth. We’re On It.” platform, which declares the Field Museum’s mission of fueling a journey of discovery and enabling solutions for a brighter future. The rebranding challenges people to take a fresh look at the museum’s purpose and reason for being.

Inspired by discovery, the new logo features a square grid arrangement resembling an archaeological excavation site, serving as both a foundation and a building block. The blue color embodies optimism, the sky, the oceans and Earth, while the sans-serif letters offer energetic emphasis and boldness.

The Field Museum employs more than 150 scientists involved in groundbreaking research all over the world, while also maintaining one of the most expansive natural-history museum collections in existence. The visual identity speaks to these initiatives and embodies a complete makeover of how the museum represents itself to the world.

March 8, 2018