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Leo Burnett & Arc Worldwide Design and Unveil Open, Collaborative Lounge Space

The Retail Design Group at Arc Worldwide, the shopper marketing agency within the Leo Burnett Group, redesigned the main gathering area, transforming it into a bustling marketplace of activity

The 21st floor of the Leo Burnett building has historically been the first impression for guests and employees alike, with Leo’s large glasses suspended behind an immensely long reception desk, which served as the gateway to the agency. Employees habitually stormed through the space, passing through with haste to switch elevator banks, while executives sat comfortable behind a frosted glass wall in private offices.

So, when the CEO, Andrew Swinand, announced plans to reinvent the 21st floor, it was big news.

A team of experts came together to help bring Swinand’s vision to life, including innovation leads, key media and technology partners, and Arc’s Retail Design Group. The challenge was to create a space that fosters conscious collaboration, fuels creativity across disciplines and drives innovative solutions for our clients.

The space works to achieve three objectives: 1. Showcase the power of creativity and technology working in harmony; 2. Provide open areas for making ideas; and 3. Convey the voice of our brand: progressive, modern and smart.

Learn more about our newly designed 21st floor in this article from Reel Chicago.

March 1, 2018