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Esurance Warns Drivers About #DontCatchandDrive Creatures

New integrated campaign from Leo Burnett about the dangers of playing mobile games while behind the wheel hits the streets of Chicago

Esurance caused a bit of a scene in downtown Chicago. The home and auto insurer staged a fender bender to encourage safe driving, an important message to address following the recent series of car accidents caused by people playing mobile games while behind the wheel.

The scene on Chicago’s popular Magnificent Mile featured a car’s run-in with a hot dog cart, all caused by a fictional distracted driver and an Esurance mobile game-inspired creature that causes fender benders, the Fenderbendix. As visitors walked past the scene, they discovered that nobody was hurt. And they learned an important message about safe driving, that smart people #DontCatchandDrive.

Fenderbendix - Esurance

“Don’t Catch and Drive” is part of an integrated digital campaign with six unique accident-inspired characters.

A new online video created by Leo Burnett Chicago features the animated creatures alongside examples of the real damage they could cause to a car, such as a dented door from a Dingduck or a fire hydrant run-in with a Hydrantacor. The video captures the brand’s smart-driving message, concluding with “Smart people don’t catch and drive. Smart people get Esurance.”

As augmented reality gaming gains in popularity, among other smartphone uses, the risk of injury has risen as well. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 431,000 people were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers in 2014. That’s nearly one injury every minute of every day due to distracted driving. And a shocking 25 percent of accidents involve smartphones, according to the National Safety Council.

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September 1st 2016