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Esurance Makes Amends With Americans via ‘Election Insurance’ Sweepstakes

The April Fools’ Day prank returns as the presidential debates heat up.

The morning before the second U.S. presidential debate, Esurance resurrected its vastly popular “Election Insurance” April Fools’ Day prank as Americans embrace the impending results of Election 2016.

The company admitted that while Election Insurance isn’t real, it could help one lucky American explore a new homeland abroad with a $10,000 sweepstakes.

To enter, people only need to tell Esurance where they'd go using #MakeYourEscapeSweeps on Twitter by Thursday, October 13.

Election Insurance, originally part of an April Fools’ prank, promised to provide protection of people's abandoned homes for the next four years while they flee the U.S. following the presidential election. For example, “standard options” included weekly home maintenance, “premium options” included the holiday overachiever, and “platinum options” included simulated teenage breakups.

Read more about the April Fools’ campaign here.

October 10th 2016