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Day in the Life: Kelly Meissgeier

Check out how the day of this analytics manager brings together data, creativity – and the friendliest hairless cat.

On this edition of Day in the Life, we share the day of Analytics Manager Kelly Meissgeier. Kelly is a member of The Core, Leo Burnett’s integrated data and analytics offering that launched earlier this year. The unit serves as an insight engine to identify business-building opportunities for clients and optimize the agency’s creativity and provide competitive advantage in an increasingly data-centric industry.

Kelly sits at that intersection of data and creativity, collaborating across agency teams and with both new and legacy clients to bring those data-inspired insights to the table. But she’s not just a “nerdy math person.”

A lover of sports – especially hockey – and the proud mom of her hairless cat, Terrell, Kelly is known for her active curiosity, impressive data chops and effortlessly cool vibe. She’s a fresh voice at one of Leo Bunrett’s latest and most innovative offerings and uses her extensive data and analytics experience every day to help the agency’s creatives stay ahead of an increasingly personalized and data-driven marketplace. (Well, every day except Sundays; those are reserved for football.)

Get to know more about Kelly in the Q&A below. And to get a glimpse of Kelly’s day, follow along all today on Instagram. (You may even catch one of her secret hiding spots.)

Describe your job.
Each client has different objectives, and data supports those objectives in different ways, so the job varies; but, ultimately, I see myself as an extension of strategy with a focus on data and analytics, which means I support the strategy of how we integrate data into our client work.

Data-driven creativity is a hot industry topic right now, but as the person behind the strategy, what does that term mean to you?
At its core, data-driven creativity is about using the insights we derive from data to identify who brands should be talking to, where and through what channels they can find those people, and ultimately what they should be saying to them. It’s all about meeting consumers where they are and doing it with compelling, relevant creative that is inspired by and supported with undisputable insights about consumers and their wants.

What’s one thing you wish more people knew or understood about data and analytics strategy?
We aren’t just nerdy math people! My job is to help use data to support a strategic direction as well as the creative process.

What’s your advice for young people looking to break into your field?
Be curious and always ask yourself why something is happening. Simply identifying that something is happening (good or bad) isn’t enough. In order to solve a problem or hero a solution, you need to understand the why.

What is your favorite part of your job?
My favorite part is when I work with individuals (internally or clients) who are not traditionally trained to use or appreciate data, and then hear them using my words or insights when they talk about the work. That’s how I know I’m really providing value. Also the collaboration factor. I get to work with a lot of really smart people across the agency.

How do you stay organized at work with such a busy schedule?
My calendar is color-coded by client or work stream so I know what head space I need to be in at every point throughout the day. I also start every morning with a prioritized list of the things that I need to do that day, which includes large and small tasks alike.

Best piece of advice that you’ve ever received?
Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you, people who will challenge and inspire you. It’s really easy to get into the mindset of wanting to be the smartest person in the room, but taking yourself out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself to contribute at the next level is important to personal and professional growth. Ultimately, you get smarter by surrounding yourself with smart people, and you should be working to do your part to make your peers smarter too.

What’s your favorite after-work activity/passion/side hustle?
I usually wind down at the gym after work. I also love sports. I’m big into fantasy football and follow the Cubs pretty religiously – but my one, true love is hockey.

How do you find balance?
I create boundaries by making small commitments to myself. I know that leaving work to clear my head at the gym will help me be more productive if I need to wrap something up in the evening. Sundays are also pretty sacred now that its football season. They’re my days to spend with friends and, of course, tend to my fantasy football team.

Favorite office hiding place?
I like to bounce around. I feel like if I am constantly in the same place, it’s no longer a “hiding” place. You might see me sitting on the couch in 26 Energy, maybe sitting on the floor with my back to a pillar on 19, or squatting at an empty cube on 30. There’s no telling where I might find a “hidey hole” in the office.

October 25, 2017