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Day in the Life: Gail Concepcion

Take a peek at the day of this Arc Worldwide account executive and expert extrovert.

If sunshine could be bottled, it would be called Gail Concepcion. With a sitcom-worthy sense of humor and a warmth that’s infectious, she’s a natural people-person. It’s just one of the many qualities that makes her so well-suited for her role as an account executive at Arc Worldwide, where she helps manage shopper marketing programs for the agency’s MillerCoors account. Whether it’s building a client’s trust or finding canine friends, creating relationships is clearly Gail’s gift.

True to her character, Gail’s day is filled with the people who drive and inspire her—and a healthy dose of shenanigans, too. Follow along today on Instagram as we share a look at a day in Gail’s life, and learn more about this ray of sunshine in the Q&A below.

Describe your role in one sentence.
As an account executive at Arc Worldwide, I manage day-to-day workflow, streamline communication and build key relationships to help drive MillerCoors brands forward within the beer industry.

Favorite aspect of your job?
Nothing fires me up more than a race against the clock and moving ideas forward with my talented team. We all share the same sense of humor and believe we’re the funniest people at 35 West Wacker. Give us a sitcom – we’ll prove it.

What makes your team culture special?
You can catch the MillerCoors team grinding and hustling every day in the southeast corner of the 32nd floor. In our space, you have to be mentally and physically prepared for spontaneous Nerf gun wars and midday wall sits/planks.

The team is comprised of more than 60 individuals who are known for their keen insights, stimulating strategies, motivating thoughts, inventive creations and provocative questions. It’s one-of-a-kind, to say the least.

It’s clear that people really drive your purpose. Why is building these relationships so important to you?
I’m a pure believer in the power of human energy fields and how they impact our minds, bodies and spirits. (No negative vibes here!) I get my energy from developing strong, healthy and authentic relationships. Each one helps me to navigate who I want to be in the world and to understand my potential for what I can be.

How do you create strong client relationships?
First and foremost, build trust. Showing clients that you know about their business, their channels and their brands inside and out is crucial. More importantly, prove to them your dedication to continuously learn. By showing you care, you grow from being a yes-man or -woman to being a trusted partner and expert.

What’s your approach to collaboration across practices and Groupe agencies?
The coffee machine on 21 is our watering hole. Small conversations always have the potential to turn into familiarity and friendship. I always make it a point to ask what people are up to, visit their floors and meet their co-workers whenever I get the chance. Being able to see different POVs and connect with other Publicis Groupe agencies helps me understand the industry on an even greater level.

How do you pursue creativity?
I’m always joking. I believe some of the most innovative ideas and thinking start as jokes. I also soak up Twitter and Instagram memes like the Sahara Desert soaks up water.

What is your advice to those who are just starting out in the business?
Make sure that your resume and job applications 100-percent authentically reflect who you are and what you can bring to the table. Secondly, patience and persistence are key. Fun fact: I received more than five rejection letters from Leo Burnett before I landed my first internship with the company. Once your foot is in the door, do everything in your power to showcase your capabilities and, of course, show that you care.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Practice a “Learn, Do, Teach” mentality. It ensures we’re making room at the table, especially for those who don’t have a seat yet.

August 30, 2018