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Capri Sun Gets Mom’s Attention With the Help of John Legend

Leo Burnett Chicago’s new campaign “Now That We Have Your Attention” launches four new product lines

Kids will go to ridiculous lengths to get what they want from their parents and sweet drinks take extra convincing. But now, with the introduction of four new product lines featuring all-natural ingredients and no added sugar, Capri Sun is giving parents the opportunity to say yes to their kids with confidence.

And what better way to promote the launch than giving two kids a secret weapon to get that yes — her favorite singer-songwriter. In “Now That We Have Your Attention,” Leo Burnett Chicago and Capri Sun enlist the help of new father John Legend to get the word out about Capri Sun’s new product lines to one unsuspecting mother.

In the hidden-camera spot, Legend suprises a mother by sitting next to her during yoga class. As the class goes on, Legend acts increasingly strange, talking loudly and asking for things only her kids would demand. Little does she know, her two children are behind the scenes, instructing Legend on what to say – including persuading her to buy the new Capri Sun products.

“The campaign is all about getting mom's attention so that kids can tell her about how Capri Sun now has new drinks that have all-natural ingredients and no added sugar,” said Leo Burnett Chicago VP, Creative Director Aaron Pendleton. “But rather than just tell her this news, they've enlisted the help of award-winning singer and songwriter John Legend, someone they know their mom loves. And if John Legend can deliver the news on their behalf, mom is sure to listen!”

In addition to the new spot, the launch campaign also includes social, digital banners, broadcast, print and in-store advertising.

September 21, 2017