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Allstate’s New Year’s Resolution: No More Mayhem (Yeah, Right)

The spokescharacter commits to no more mayhem in 2018, but aren’t resolutions meant to be broken?

The new year calls on each of us to take small, achievable steps to self-improvement. The same is true for at least one ad icon. Mayhem, the Allstate spokescharacter, played by actor Dean Winters, declares his optimism for a year without mayhem.

In the “Mayhem Resolutions” campaign, the mischief maker resolves for 2018 to be everything that keeps you safe, like the tennis ball dangling inside the garage that keeps you from pulling in too far.

The video series also features Mayhem as a road flare, lightning rod and home-security system. The spots will run on national TV and in digital along with related social content leading up to the College Football National Championship game on January 8. Tune in to see if Mayhem can keep his no-more-mayhem resolution, and follow along with #ResolutionsAreMayhem.

January 2, 2018